all about me!

what is your name?
sophia bevacqua

where are you from?
new jersey

when is your birthday?
august sixteenth

why did you choose to study communication design?
i want to create things

what are you most inspired by?
human beings and their emotions

what has been your favorite class so far and why?
i adored my time class because although the projects had guidlines i was allowed to create things i liked. also it was my first glimpse into book design

what are you hoping to learn in this class?
creative programming skills, as well as cementing a baseline of knowledge about coding

what do you like to do in your spare time?
i like to be outside and listen to music

when you imagine a graphic designer, what do you think they do on a day to day?
brainstorm and execute designs for whatever project they may be working on at the moment

when you imagine a developer, what do you think they do on a day to day?
i picture someone camped out in front of a computer running lines of code

where do you see yourself after graduating and what kind of job do you want to have?
everything about design is enticing to me right now, so i would be content creating patterns for baby socks or alligning book text. i would like to work abroad after graduating though

do you consider yourself an artist, a designer, both, or neither?
i think of myself as a design oriented artist

what kind of design classes have you taken before this one?
i took one illustration based course because i was late to change my major to communication design, but other than that i've only taken the usual core classes

do you know most of the students in our class already?
i don't know anyone here

list your favorite typefaces.

What are you top 3 favorite colors?

which artists do you like?

list out some music that you like to listen to

did anything interesting happen over winter break?

have you ever built a website?
i think i've built three or four

do you have any questions for me?
not at the moment, but i'm sure i will soon

what is your first memory of using the internet?
webkinz, no contest haha

do you have a favorite place to visit?
the beach

do you speak any other languages?
a teeny tiny bit of italian, but not enough to really count

what is your favorite food?
chocolate covered strawberries

what is your favorite animal?
probably housecats but maybe owls

do you have a pet?
i have an orange cat named tiger (because he has stripes, get it) and honestly he's the love of my life

is there any other information you’d like me to know?
no, but i'm excited being in this class!

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